Time to level up

Whether you are in the business of
animation,design,writing,music,video,strategy,photography,fashion,architecture,coaching,virtual assistance
... You need structure to keep yourself and it all together.

Look, I've been there too.

Running a business forces you to overcome a lot of fears, challanges, and now and then you feel like you literally suck.

Without a support system, you will not probably last long: just to be able to stop hijacking yourself takes a lot of work, self awareness and leaving limiting beliefs behind.

This is why I built The Creative Business Success framework.

The framework is built around 5 pillars:

  1. Purpose — where we mind our goals, thinking, vision and mission,
  2. Audience — where we find a niche, understand some of the strategy required to attain them,
  3. Revenue — a business is nothing without revenue: learn to price your products, build systems, track your money and use a CRM
  4.  Systems — make systems out of everything and help streamline your process so it’s easier to work with yourself and others.
  5. Growth — strategies that will help you grow your business and prevent it from falling apart.

It comes with:

  • 5 eBooks
  • Countless Worksheets for you to level up
  • Planners
  • Notion templates to make your life easier
  • Special Discord group for support and accountability (from me and other users)
  • Free updates forever

Early bird ends in:

Early bird has ended 🙁
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